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SLH-TGV SLH-TGV 6 and 10mm

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The Von Gahlen Shielded Laminar Hood Model SLH with technetium generator vault provides an ideal sterile environment and is specially designed for the preparation of 99mTC labeling kits. The SLH also provides complete and safe personnell protection for the operator. Air flows with an average of 0,40 m/s from the absolute filter on the top of the work area to the workbench and exits on the front and rear of the workbench. Air circulates through the front grate of the safety cabinet into the work area forming a protective curtain. Air volume and speed can be adjusted to maximum flexibility. The motor is both energy and cost efficient. Radiation shielding is provided by means of a sliding lead glass window in the front. The walls and the workbench are shielded with either 6 or 10mm of lead.

The integrated 99mTC generator safe consists of a lead shielded drawer in which one, two or even four 99mTC generator(s) can be placed. The closed drawer provides lead shielding on all sides. The generator is elevated above the workbench just enough to elute under safe conditions.

The hood comes standard with several options. Additional options such as gas taps, waste compartment and ion chamber shielding are also available for the SLH-TGV.

Please download the datasheet and contact the Von Gahlen Sales Team for more information and the available options to customize your shielded laminar hood!

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