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Shielded Syringe Dispensing Systems Shielded Syringe Dispensing system

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Shielding device for the preparation, transport and administration of patient doses of F-18-FDG.

The clinical use of F-18-deoxyglucose (FDG) for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is the fastest growing imaging modality of all radiological sciences. Radiopharmaceuticals should be prepared in a manner which satisfies both radiation safety as well as pharmaceutical quality requirements. Our shielding device provides a proper shielding of F-18 during handling. It's designed for the preparation of calibrated and pre-calibrated patient doses FDG and its administration to patients.

The FDG stock solution is placed in the dose calibrator using a fixed platform, which is shielded with 5 cm lead. The syringe is put inside a 2-cm lead mantle and connected to the stock solution via a sterile tubing. As a result, the FDG dose drawn up in the syringe can be read from the dose calibrator.

With this easy handling shielding device the radiation dose to the technician during FDG dose preparation and administration to the patient can be reduced significantly (factor 50-100)

  • Perfect personal protection
  • Easy and quick handling
  • Possibility of handling multiple products at the same time
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